ST Audio Trusound Unplug Bluetooth Speaker Unboxing & Sound Test

Updated: December 22, 2012
Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 11.07.44 AM

Everyone in today’s modern world has some type of portable device for listening to music or their phone and most of the time we just listen to the onboard speakers or we listen to headphones. The thing is what if you want to just relax and hear the sounds, but also with clarity and quality sound reproduction. Many companies are offering solutions to fix this problem; the main solution is a little portable speaker that works VIA Bluetooth or other wireless technology allowing you to listen to the music on your phone or mobile music device hand free and also free of headphones sitting on ones head.  Here on Tech OF Tomorrow we have unboxed and reviewed a few of these types of devices so far, but one in my eyes really stands heads above the crowd.

The new ST Audio True Sound is a device that I feel not only is the ultimate in portability it also has the best sound in its class as it fills a small room with quality sound that does not sound stressed even at full volume. Ordinarily I am sure that most Audiophiles will opt out for a real set of speakers, but for the on-the-go user this little badass will provide you with hours of sound without all the cable and wiring mess of a standard home system.  The first time the device was turned on for me I was in the middle of the mall where they had a train rolling by and yet I could still hear the music clearly and that was my decision making moment as the mall is loud as is and with the train, even louder and yet the sound still cut through. The device is very easy to use and setup and today we bring you a unboxing and demo of this new product from ST Audio. Thanks for watching.

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