Official: Next-Gen Xbox to be Unveiled May 21st

Updated: April 27, 2013

With the PS4 being announced for a few months now, it seems that all interest is in what the next gen Xbox release will entail, as there has not been much news on it as of late and we’re getting deeper and deeper into the year by the day. Good news hath arrived by email this week, with invitations being sent out for a May 21st launch party in Redmond Ca. This will be just in time for the summer and bring many a console gamer a smile on their face, as the Xbox 720 is one of the highest anticipated products of this year.

Now all we have to do is hold onto our hats until 10 am Pacific Time on the 21st when Microsoft’s Don Mattrick will finally unveil the details about the next Xbox. Only a very select few will actually get to see this new bad boy up front and personal, but it has been confirmed by Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb that the entire event will be streaming live on Xbox.com and Xbox Live and at the same time Spike TV will be covering the event on cable. Microsoft will be out in full force at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) to show off next-gen games and we will finally get a chance to see both the new Sony PS4 and the Xbox 720 in a head to head comparison.

One thing that has gotten a lot of flack from users is the always-on DRM rumor, that most users feel is a pile of steaming dog shit and I tend to agree, as that is just control and BS from Microsoft. The truth as it may be is that the entire PR fiasco surrounding the Adam Orth deal is why the date was pushed back until the 21st. In fact this little worm thinks he is on a high horse and speaks for us all with his arrogant rant about how we the public should just shut up and deal with it. I think most of us will agree that this guy can kiss our butts and that is just an ass with an opinion. If my Internet goes down due to weather or faulty equipment I should just suck it up and deal with it? Screw you Adam.

We all expect at the minimum, better looking graphics on the Xbox 720, as that is a no brainer, but what else cam we expect to see? Rumors that are flying around now speculate that the 720 will ship with a 1080p Kinect and possible some rather interesting game titles. This comes, as little surprise as Sony has already let on that motion sensing is a big part of the PS4. Another interesting tidbit is that Microsoft is very aggressive about their new tablets and smartphones that use its SmartGlass initiative so it is highly likely that Microsoft will try and outdo Nintendo’s Wii U on second screen support that would be pretty nifty to see. In the end game you can count on Sony to come back hard as after losing their edge with the PS3 they will try and go beyond with the PS4.

Many people are still speculating on what name the new Xbox 720 will actually be named and if it will even have a number in its nomenclature like Apple did with its new Ipad just calling the unit the Xbox. Although no actual pricing has been released for either product you can expect that this will be one hell of a battle for the next few years as both companies try and outdo the other. For now the ball is Microsoft’s corner and we will just have to wait until the 21st to see just what will be? Are you a fan of the Xbox or the PlayStation and which product are you most anticipating this year? I personally have used my PS4 much more than my Xbox due to the fact that I can watch all my TV programs and my Blu-Ray on it as well as play games, and for me that just seems to work. Do you think that Microsoft will win this round? Or do you think they will both be so close it will be hard to choose. Thanks for reading Tech Of Tomorrow where your opinions and thoughts matter. Let us hear your thoughts and comments in the comments section below and become a part of our community.


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