Playstation 4 Set to Arrive Feb. 20th?

Updated: February 6, 2013

If you are like most console lovers the arrival of a new product is exciting news to hear about and it seems the folks at Sony have been little teasers as of late and getting the hopes up of PlayStation lovers around the world. At the latest PlayStation event Sony released a video announcing that on February 20, just 2 days shy of my 48th birthday mind you, that says See The Future. Could this mean we will be hearing an announcement for the new PlayStation 4 that we have been eagerly awaiting for?

More news will surface in a few weeks time when the show arrives in town, but this is the hot speculation at the moment, but invitations have been sent to journalists via email about the event calling it simply: PlayStation Meeting 2013. All this hype surrounding this has shook the dust up and created a ton of speculation. With new features and improved dynamics the PlayStation 4 could seriously cripple other consoles with such an early release. Codenamed Orbis the PS4 is the 8th generation console for Sony and in reality what else does Sony have to announce, but the new products release?

Does this news excite you and are you as well highly anticipating this release? My PlayStation 3 has replaced my Roku, My Blu-Ray 3D player and my living room gaming environment, as it is a very flexible and robust piece of equipment that can replace many of your other media devices by a single one. I will be in the line to buy one as soon as I can get my hands on one, as I am personally very eager to see just what Sony can come up with. I really hope it is not a cheese-ball release like Nintendo’s latest that to me was a lot more Hype than actual substance. Let me know your thoughts as your opinions matter hear at Tech Of Tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

Source: Maximum PC 

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