AMD FX-9590 Kiss of Death? Last FX CPU From AMD?

Updated: August 9, 2013

It seems as though rumors are floating around causing speculation as to whether AMD’s latest offering, the heartily priced FX -9590, will be the last FX CPU AMD Produces.

Tech site VR Zone had these grim words: “The FX-9590 might be the last FX-series CPU that AMD has planned, possibly indicating that the FX-series CPUs is at the end of the line.” This however rings more true of a hyped up article to raise eyebrows as AMD roadmaps do not indicate such a move being made.

It would make a bit of sense for AMD to abandon that line and focus solely on their APU technology, as performance of the 5.0GHz $900.00 FX-9590 was not what was expected. Being the only true 5.0GHz CPU at the moment does have its flair, but only those folks who are doing extreme overclocking with LN2 and other tricky equipment will be the ones who see any real overclocking results. With the huge success of their APU lineup I could see AMD switching gears, but abandoning the FX line altogether does not seem the game they want go play.

When contacted by other press AMD officially had nothing official to say, preferring the solid standby line of “No Comment.” In the future when asked I suppose they will adopt the total “I can’t recall stance, LOL☺. I honestly think the VR Zone has pulled a stinky and that this is just them making up some shit to get traffic, but in today’s ever volatile marketplace anything can happen.

Personally I think that AMD has had the same chipsets boards for longer than Intel has and that breathing some new life into a new faster CPU and board technology would be a very cool thing for their fans. So what do you the fans have to say about this? Would you be shocked if AMD dropped the FX line and moved on to their APU side of things and focused on that? Or would you like to see AMD just drop the FX and come up with something better altogether for their enthusiasts desktop CPU line? Thanks for reading Tech Of Tomorrow, have a great Friday my peeps.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

  • nick sprenkels

    I have an AMD phenom 2 x6 1090t right now. stil a very good thing. if AMD drops their FX line. I hope they make new phenoms. like a phenom 3 octa core with turbo Core 3.0 Technology.

  • Louis Preston Thornton

    If they drop this line, I will have to switch to intel :’(

  • Guest

    i don’t like APU, i hope in a more advanced 8 core CPU

  • Nemo Hagbard

    i don’t like APU, i hope in a more advanced 8 core CPU with a hight price/performance rate

  • Jasper Lion

    i don’t care if they get rid of fx as long as they still create cpus like lets say a phenom 3 on an am4 board because am3 id OLD. i don’t care if i need to buy a new motherboard for the next cpu as long as it has a huge performace upgrade

    • jason

      I rather have them to a huge performance boost on AM3+ cause I Just bought a new board and would prefer not to have to upgrade it for a new cpu

      • Jasper Lion

        well am3 is already at its 3 gen off cpus and and knowing there first gen am4 socket cpus will also be compatible with there am3+ boards so don’t worry

  • Omar Rodriguez Diaz

    amd should re brand a couple opterons and sell them for the enthusiast. they are 12 and 16 core cpus and cheap also, the top of the line 6300 is about 1,100. bucks and they have a 16 core for around 700 bucks. just get together with asus and release a crosshair extreme VII with the correct socket and room for 8 sticks of ram for the quad channel memory and you have a true enthusiast platform that could compete with intel on the same level and price or even better bang for buck which is amd’s thing.

  • nazimmer

    An APU with more cpu cores would be g/cool/d….

    The centurion should have held back a bit for when AMD release the 10 core cpu

    AMD wicked and shit look at their Opencl implementation, it sucks

  • DOUC3b@g

    Swap able socket technology so you can use fm2 + AM3+ etc…That would one up the company and give AMD users a lot of options.

  • Liberty_Assassin

    Im hoping that they make something like, the FX XTREME line

  • Abdelrhman Fayyad

    intel all the way

  • nocturnal2048 .

    AMD dropping FX? I think I’m going to cry!