AMD Releasing New Flagship GPU Codenamed “Hawaii” on September 25th

Updated: August 8, 2013

It seems that there shall be a bit more excitement coming from AMD, even sooner than most people thought, which should prove to be good new for the fans.

It looks as though that AMD will be launching a new GPU Code named “Hawaii” that will be used to power monitors on surfboards for rich kids visiting the islands who can not otherwise figure out how to catch the big waves. Just pulling your chain folks this actually going to be the new “Flagship” GPU from the boys in Texas.

On September 25th, 2013 AMD will host a live streaming event to announce their new baby. Battlefield 4 will be presented, possibly hosted on interesting things such as Aircraft carriers or possibly something similar, but a submarine would be so much cooler right? I wish I could command a sub in Battlefield 4 that would be freaking awesome, as I would just nuke the shit out of everything and damn the torpedoes.

Will we see BF4 being bundled with their new GPU? Stranger marketing tactics have been heard of so that would not be that big of surprise, but it will be hell of cool for the end-user and fans of the AMD product line. Sales should begin come this October, so grab a beer for Oktoberfest, and get ready for some headshots in BF4, which sounds like a plan to me.


You know AMD is going to be coming out with something to compete with NVIDIA’s crowing achiever the “GTX Titan” which as of this moment is the fastest single GPU a gamer can get their grubby hands on. This would be a really great move from AMD if it goes down as planned as NVIDIA’s “Titan” is a pricey dicey $1,000.00, but seeing prices today on the AMD 7990 drop below $700.00 it will no doubt be very interesting to see Hawaii’s pricing, which as of now no official price has been disclosed.

AMD will butter up the press by flying them out to Hawaii and throwing wads of cash and food at them. Due to the circumstances it will probably be a big event, as AMD needs good press and a card that can beat NVIDIA in the price versus performance ratio if they want to really score a hit. Hopefully we will see AMD finally put out a single GPU solution that can compete or beat NVIDIA as the 7990 just never seemed to grab the attention of the fans that previous generation cards have inspired.

My first event with AMD was in San Francisco, back when AMD was still ATI and not AMD and the event was a lot of fun. AMD’s Raja Korduri will host the demonstration of the new card where all the in-depth details shall be revealed to an ever-eager crowd. Competition always breeds price drops and that is always good for the end users who benefit the most from the savings. So what thinks you my friends is this good news for the AMD fans, or do you think it will be too expensive to even get into your hands? Thanks for reading Tech Of Tomorrow where hearing from you makes it all complete. Please take the time answer our survey about the new “Hawaii.” Surfs Up bro☺

AMD Hawaii
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  • nick sprenkels

    is it true that the amd “9550″ would be released again? but than a 2013/2014 version?

  • KsnNwk .

    AMD in GPU’s is not bad at all, if you planning to go with 1 card configuration.
    The situation changes, when comparing CrossFire to SLI.

    If AMD would fix that, then it would be at the same class as Nvidia.
    Well maybe physyx, is that one function that the NV cards does better.
    Otherwise except Titan as a single core GPU, AMD is at the competitive stage against Nvidia.

    • Keven Brochu

      They’re working on drivers that fixes the micro-stuttering. I really hope this will work and make Crossfire even to SLI

  • nashathedog

    What worries me is maybe they’ll price it too high like they did with there recent overclocked cpu release.

  • Jasper Lion

    i would find it epic if they call there next dual gpu card tje hd 9990

  • Scott

    Hopefully the Hawaii will be a TRUE new GPU and not another name for their current ones just OCed more= more heat=crashing faster. I also hope they add more to their cards like a physics chip or their own answer. I would like to build a system with one of their latest CPUs but not to have its benefits wasted to make up for shortcomings in their cards, card saving cost more due to increasing system upgrades to have more than an expensive paper weight. We also need a card that will give us the performance we need across the games we actually play. love to see the OpenCL bench marks, but we play cyris, battlefield, startcraft…., not OpenCL. We need a true game changer that gives us what we need and with drivers that work correctly from the beginning. I’m not holding my breath, how long have we been waiting for “those drivers” that will finally work, um, feels like for ever and still waiting.

  • Giovanni Andrew Roverso

    broke, but i might be getting a 9870 in the near future

  • hhw

    make a balance PC, keep your money at the moment..

  • hhw

    I think they will par its price to 760 and titan. It would be good if they cut atleast $50 off from 7970, then ill get my crossfire, total price for my rig will be somewhat 1.7k if that happens.. xD

  • Shawn221

    I really can’t afford anything above $400 as far as GPUs go but this also means that the 7970 will go down in price too! :D