AMD’s FX-9590 Pre-Order Pricing Debuts at an Outrageous $880

Updated: July 8, 2013

Now that more news has surfaced about AMD’s latest weapon, the FX-9590, prices have also stated to pop up at a variety of locations, confirming that indeed the new arsenal in AMD’s belt is coming. AMD’s FX-9590 is an 8-Core, 8-Thread CPU that has 8MB of both L2 and L3 Cache and a total TDP of 220W.

AMD’s FX-9590 “Vishera” Processor is geared toward the overclocker and will only be made in limited edition runs. It should be noted that this will be the first commercially selling CPU that can clock at 5.0GHz. Albeit that is in Turbo Mode as the base clock speed is 4.7GHz, which is still impressive on its own merit.

Some dealers have a “Call For Availability” stamped on their website whilst listing a inflated price of $964.71 per CPU, which is more bloated than a 3-day old fish out of water. Next on the extravaganza we have eCost who has the CPU priced at $877.99. AntaresPro has it for $910.99, but I think you get the picture here folks.

The CPU is going to be expensive and hard to get. Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Here at Tech of tomorrow we like to interact with our loved audience so we want to know your thoughts on this new release so please take time to vote in our poll and be a part of the family. So tell us your thoughts on the new flagship CPU from AMD the FX-9590.

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