Intel’s Haswell Pricing Leaks, Details Inside!

Updated: April 26, 2013

For those out there who cannot wait and need to be in the know, prices have leaked on the new Haswell line of CPUs which Intel will soon be bringing to the market. Take in mind that the prices shown below may change before launch, but it is a good indication that they will be released fairly close. This is good news for those who follow Intel and it seems that the new CPUs should make their debut in June of this year, as the prices seem to match up with what Sandy and Ivy Bridge sold for, or maybe even a bit lower if we get lucky.

The leak surfaced in China last week stating that it obtained its Haswell pricing for retailers in quantities of 5 or more. By the looks of things, it seems that Intel is shifting its real competiveness to the mid and lower end of the spectrum where their pricing really becomes aggressive and shows that Intel means business when it come to the mid range market. The i5-4570 is just $189, while its i5-3570 predecessor is $213, but that is the tip of the iceberg as they have also introduced new model numbers as well. With the release of Haswell, Intel is reintroducing the ‘6’ Model designation that the Ivy Bridge release skipped altogether.

If you look at this from a sales position this does make sense as Intel has envisioned that Haswell will be the one-size-fits-all CPU solution that transcends equally across the board be it, desktop, laptop, Ultrabook and tablets. Smartphones are another category altogether though and not part of the Haswell lineup scheme.  Another big thing to consider is the onboard graphics that is supposed to be double the performance of Ivy Bridge’s HD 4000 and that Haswell is supposed to be an easy 10-15% faster than Ivy Bridge. Power and the way it’s handled and optimized is also something new as Haswell was intentionally designed to optimize the power reductions afforded by Intel’s early jump to the 22nm FinFET process node — in short, Haswell should be the most efficient, high-power chip on the market, with some SKUs reaching TDPs as low as 7W, barely more than the ARM Cortex-A15.

Intel was initally thought to not be able to get Haswell to market in the timeframe promised, as the power envelope was not cutting the grade, but that rumor has been squashed by Intel who claim that Haswell is healthy and on time. These CPUS will most likely get released a few days before Computex and then all the rumors will be put to rest as review sites worldwide cover the release. With Intel also attacking the ARM/mobile space with Bay Trail, this year could be very exciting for Intel indeed and quite possible a horrible year for AMD and its marginalized APUs. Will this year see Intel really tear into AMD at all levels of CPU marketing? Do you think AMD will comeback to the table with a product that will compete evenly with Intel, or do you feel it’s a bit too late for that now. AND has always been the company to have lower prices and be the most competitive company against Intel total domination of the CPU market. What do you think about all this and what are your feelings on Intel delving into new waters? Thanks for reading Tech Of Tomorrow where your voice always has a place and we look forward to reading your thought and opinions in the comments below.


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