NVIDIA GTX 780 5GB & GTX 770 4GB Video Cards Coming!

Updated: April 23, 2013

With all the recent news about AMD spreading like wildfire, it comes as no surprise to see NVIDIA bringing their game back to the table again. Some folks from BSN were traveling abroad and found out about a few new cards being released from NVIDIA that are sure to shake up the trees. It seems that NVIDIA has reportedly announced plans for 3 additional cards in their already beefed up arsenal that should put a damper on AMD’s plans to try and take more market share. The first product to be announced came a few weeks back when NVIDIA had several website leak information about a new GeForce GTX Titan LE, which is a product that is built upon a cut down GK110 silicon. That leak seems to be accurate and its now been confirmed that there will be a consumer version of the Tesla K20C, which contains a 2496 core and 5GB of GDDR5 memory.

The big change though is the name as the Titan LE is not the nomenclature, as the card will be named the GTX 780 5GB video card, which will come in many flavors from the various partners when it is released. The GeForce GTX Titan was also a consumer version of the K20X with a 2688-core and 6GB of GDDR5 memory and the K20A/C will also find its way into a consumer version of the card.  Performance is reported at about 30% faster than a single GeForce GTX 680 and this card should make its debut around the end of may and just in time for Computex. Although pricing has not been officially announced you can most likely expect a $499-$599 price tag attached to it.  The second of the three cards is the GTX 770, which is essentially a GK104-425 die and is just a much higher clocked version of the GTX 680 with a 256-bit memory interface and 4GB of GDDR5 memory.

The NVIDIA product stack should now consist of a 6GB Titan, 5GB GTX 780, 4GB GTX 770 and finally a 2GB GTX 760 Ti. These cards should all be available for sale at the end of May as a precursor to the new GTX 780.  The third card in the lineup is the GeForce GTX 760 Titanium, which for some reason is still based off the die as the GTX 670’s GK104-225. This card is geared to have 2GB of memory and put solid pressure on AMD’s 7800 and 8800 line of cards. Performance of this new part is claimed to be at a 20-23% increase form the GTX 660 Ti and is the card that will be released at this years Computex show in Taiwan. NVIDIA controls their own ball and these things may change, but until Maxwell gets released in 2014 I do not think we will see any more new silicon from them this year and the same can be said about AMD who are also holding back their Volcanic Islands chipsets that may see the light of day at holiday time 2013, but don’t hold your breath as 2014 is probably when the magic will happen. As an NVIDIA fan how does this news fare for you? Are you excited to see new silicon from NVIDIA, or do you think that the market is fine for the moment? Here at Tech Of Tomorrow we want to hear what you have to say and really appreciate your interaction in the comments below.  Thank you for reading and your voice always has a place here on TOT

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