Next-Gen Xbox 720 GPU Specs Leaked Online?

Updated: February 6, 2013

If you are a console gamer you most likely have heard and wondered just what the new Xbox 720 will really be all about and thanks to Tech Website VGleaks we now have access to the full specs of Microsoft’s latest entry into the foray of console wars, which is about to heat up very quickly as rumors of the PS4 also hitting the market very soon have surfaced as well.  With the release of these new specs we clearly see what the folks in Washington State have cooked up for us.

The spces below give a detailed account of all aspects of the new technology being rolled out. You can see the new Xbox 720 has core clock of 800Mhz and improved performance should be seen as the GPU now has 32MB of very fast embedded ESRAM that should eliminate many of the bottlenecks and restrictions that were accompanied by using EDSDRAM featured on the Xbox 360. Now the subsystem is capable of rendering to surfaces in main RAM, texturing from ERAM and reading back from render targets without a resolve.

Having a 2-stage caching system is something else that the Xbox 720 will have that consists of 4-L2 caches with a 128KB each that are used for write back cache. Also each shader core is paired up with a 16KB L1 cache that will act mainly as write through cache. It has also been claimed that the new Xbox 720 will be capable of 2X, 4X and 8X MSAA antaliasing that would make games look much better than ever before and eliminate all those jagged lines we see now. The Xbox 720 should debut at E3 this summer just a few months on the tails of Sony and their PlayStation 4. What are your thoughts on this? Are you awaiting for this with an eager heart, or is this just ho-hum news?

Source: Techspot 

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