AMD Debuts Radeon HD 8570 and HD 8670 Graphics Card

Updated: September 3, 2013
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Fresh off the release and review of Intel’s new i7-4960X Ivy Bridge-E CPU, AMD has announced two new 8000 series video cards on the very same day.

Now these aren’t the 8000 series that some might expect, the new HD 8570 and 8670 are two new lower end OEM models that definitely won’t be taking out NVIDIA’s rumored upcoming GTX Titan Ultra and 790.

AMD released a video to go along with the new cards, but it doesn’t really give a whole lot of information, just a lot of dubstep and flashy graphics. You can check out said video below along with some of the specs.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 1.50.28 PM

Source: AMD 

  • Mehdi Mazibeta


  • Karl Matthews

    How powerful are the 8970′s gonne be then 0_o

    • CsoTy

      8970 is a renamed OEM 7970

      • Guest

        Not quite.

      • Javon Jackson

        I think you mean the Radeon 8950

        • PHO3N1X

          so the same that does nvidia with the gtx 770, 760 (that is 680 & 670)

    • Jeremiah M. Dean

      These next gen AMD GPUs are rumored to be with in 10% of a titan! And at a better price point! The rumor on the streets are they’re the 9XXX series GPUs. Anything 8XXX is a rebrand :) hope this helped!

      • Erik Hiebert

        I had heard they’ll have a new naming scheme altogether – Radeon R9-XXX rather than HD 9XXX

        • eustasskidd

          they better do actually , Not being a hardcore amd fan i get confused sometimes with the actual naming scheme

      • XionEternum

        Look, enough with the “Rumors” popularized by sites just for hits. If they really knew the naming of the next generation, they would have engineering samples, and they would be under NDA. If they claim reliable anonymous sources, it’s likely BS. We’ve gone through the same gen-skip rumor every single generation.

  • Omar Suarez

    What the fuck happened to the 99x R7 series?

    • 9970FTW

      they will be announced on the 23rd of this month in Hawaii

      • Omar Suarez

        That long huh? I’m getting tired of waiting around for AMD.. they are slacking…HARD.

  • John Lancaster

    Finally! 8000 series is going to be cool. Interesting to see the competition between the AMD cards and the Nvidia cars is not nearly as much as AMD VS Intel, it will be cool to see the differences.

    • Joao611

      9000 series, you mean.

      “the new HD 8570 and 8670 are two new lower end OEM models” – There’s a key word in here: “OEM”.

      • XionEternum

        OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacture. As in, it’s an original production direct from it’s source.
        Don’t know what a key word means, don’t imply it means something it doesn’t.

  • Konbad

    8970 listed on AMD’s website almost matches 7970 in every aspect this isnt the Hawaii GPU that is supposed to be coming

    • XionEternum

      It does match the 7970 in every aspect. It’s a copy & paste of the 7970 info page with one line added for when the real announcement comes. Why do you think there’s no way to get to it through the site itself and you need to be directly linked to it? It’ll be updated when it’s announced.

  • Jerico Talictic

    theres no way 8970 would be the same with 7970