NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 790 & Titan Ultra Coming Soon?

Updated: August 28, 2013

The game is afoot once again in the battle for top card in the VGA market and NVIDIA is planning on shaking up the tree very shortly.  A Tech site named VideoCardz.com has let out a little secret from NVIDIA’s bag of tricks that shows some very interesting things happening over at camp NVIDIA.

The emphasis was on supposed new SKU’s that range in the top-end of the technology spectrum (and probably out of budget range of many users as well), with NVIDIA pushing the envelope to stay on top of the game.

So the new information floats toward NVIDIA releasing two new power monster cards with the first being the GTX Titan Ultra and the GTX 790, both geared at the enthusiast level user.

The GTX Titan is really much the same as the current Titan being offered, but the Ultra will have all 2880 CUDA cores unlocked, just like its Quadro brother. The current Titan runs off its 2688 CUDA cores, and for reference point the GTX 780 has 2304 CUDA cores enabled. With more available CUDA cores comes the ability to run the cards at higher resolutions or at higher “In Game” settings like more AF/AA that makes the game just look better.


Secondly comes rumors of the GTX 790, which I believe that most NVIDIA fans just take for granted is coming as NVIDIA is always known to have a follow-up dual-GPU card with the launch of every new series; be it series 6,7 or 8 NVIDIA has always made the cards. The idea for this graphics card is that it would feature not one, but two GK110 GPUs, though it is uncertain on the CUDA core count per GPU.

Realistically, we shouldn’t expect even near fully enabled GK110 parts. The graphics card is meant as an answer to the upcoming AMD Hawaii graphics cards, as NVIDIA  wants to keep the crown for having the fastest VGA card on the market. The real tickler here is that although the GTX 790 will be their Crème’ de la Crème’ card, they’re trying to get it to market with a price of under $1000.

Additional information has suggested that NVIDIA will be releasing the GeForce GTX 800 series ‘Maxwell’ graphics cards sometime in Q1 2014. Due to this being sooner than expected, it is a possibility that the ‘Maxwell’ graphics cards won’t be baked on a 20 nm lithography just yet, as it appears that TSMC won’t be ready for 20 nm lithography until June 2014.

For now all we can do is wait and see what happens, but NVIDIA is never one to remain idle for long, as they are a very hungry and aggressive competitor that you can always expect to try and one-up AMD. Thanks for reading Tech Of Tomorrow, and please let us know your thoughts; are you anticipating these new cards? I am sure that when released, NVIDIA fans will be pleased and AMD fans pissed off, but then AMD will just go back to the drawing board and come up with something else and the cycle continues on.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

  • Tommy Brand

    Awesome if its under $1 000. Thx for the news :)

    • James Edmonds

      But in England it will be the same as paying $1200…
      Why must i fork out more money just because I live in england?
      Either the government’s fault or America is a douchebag..

      • Edward

        Same in Norway….

        • PepsimaxL

          yeah, i built my new rig a month ago, it cost 1800$ or more.
          but if i was to live in US it would cost 1200-1400 :

          • Long

            I believe it’s your country.

          • Sam

            Really…. you don’t say?

          • CokeZeroisBad

            Yeah in AUS it’s the same. A 780 runs me back $820.

          • boogladoo

            that must be second hand surely.

          • Shinkueagle


          • Archeval

            import taxes drive up the price of everything, like the PS4 being $1500 US in Brazil because of their importation taxes

        • Håvard

          Norway is expensive

          • AndyPandy

            because they earn more money than most people do

      • David Padilla

        Though The US tends to do stupid things that makes the rest of the world hate us, I highly doubt that it has anything to do with GPU pricing. Most pricing is based on local average rates/wages which dictates whether its lower or higher than that of US prices. Throw in various taxes use to “protect” local business the prices can go up a bit. For example, Gas/Petrol prices differ where you live in US, its more expensive in the northern and west coast states than at my current location.

        • James

          In Taiwan..Its Expensive As HELL…

          • David Padilla

            What? Petrol or GPU. Probably both?

      • Arian Woldach

        in germany its not cheap to

      • Josh Peet

        Government’s fault we might pay higher prices on somethings too in the US .we pay $3.50+ on gas while people in mexico pay $1.50 or something but our government taxes the hell of of us too.the difference from ohio to new york is staggering. people in NY pay almost double for everything than people in Ohio. pack a smoke cost $7-$9 in NY while in west virginia they pay like $2

        • Target

          what?? we pay $26 AUS for 25 cigarettes in Australia

      • blazingsword

        It’s the difference in money value. Our money is worth less so we get it for less. Plus the company can choose to dictate whatever price they like, and then retailers can bump that price even further for added profit. Why don’t you just buy from a US website and have it shipped? It should save you some money depending how you go about it, at least in your case.

        • boogladoo

          yep, when the Aussie dollar was strong, things were more expensive here than the US. Now it’s getting weaker, things are even more expensive!
          There’s a reason why many companies won’t ship products from the US to Oz, it’s because the manufacturers tell them not to, because they can charge more locally.

      • CPS

        cuz they have to import it to England????

      • boogladoo

        you should see the prices in Australia. I guess it takes so long on the boat to get here, they have to charge more…..
        ……errr hang on, I can actually order it from Amazon and have it here in 3 days cheaper than buying locally and it still taking a week to come from down the road.
        The government launched a $10mil investigation into this, they discovered that downloaded material is also more expensive for no reason. And that was that.

      • Derp

        Same in New Zealand too.

      • ninjabunni

        hilariously worse down unda…

  • Diclonius Franbunny

    Wish there was more information on their mobile MXM cards.
    Would be interesting to hear some news about high end notebook hardware.

  • Sean Wylie

    It’s all about the benchmarks. If Titan Ultra and 790 only give a tiny increase in performance then nobody will buy them at all. Everyone will just wait for Maxwell GTX880 which will most likely have a far nicer price and equal or better than performance of a Titan Ultra.

    • Kramon

      You know those cards titan 790 are not made for games. they are made for rendering and 3D stuff

      • Anonymous

        Actually no, the 790 and the Ultra Titan is for games as well as 3D Rendering and Video Editing on a consumer level.

        • Kramon

          not really the titan and 780 have the same type of core with has tesla with is totaly not for games…

          • Sean Wylie

            You can never have enough power when gaming. It literally took years for GPU’s to catch up to being able to run Crysis 1 on highest settings.

      • Anonymous

        Most 3D software is CPU dependent. Usually utilizing GPU power only for joint based deformers.

        • Kramon

          That shows that you have no idea about 3D stuff.
          Octane, iRay, Cycles, Vray RT, those are rendering engines with use GPU to render. + Many applications are accelerated by GPU Nvidia.

          Check the Nvidia confference about Nvidia grid. and octane.

  • jms493

    Just nuts. I have a GTX 760 and it works just fine at 1080. i guess people are ready to move to 1440p? I will look at the card situation next summer.

    • Joao611

      No. 4K. >:D

      • Arnošt Kensei

        Lol..Even 2xTitan SLI is not enought for 4K..

        • James Edmonds

          The 780 runs 4K fine. Elric had splinter cell running it.

          • Sami Mohammed Manzur

            they used the asus monitor with 4k and used a 780 on high ettings thw game was choppy so no u can’t max out at 4k unless it’s titan or titan ultrabecause 2-3 gb is good for 1080p/1440p when it comes to pushing the pixels but 1080p is about 2MP and 4k is about 8 MP so it needs about 4 times the memory (theoretically) but will probably suffice wtih 1-3 more gb (4-6gb vram)

  • Javier Hernandez

    Right now i have the GTX 780 and all in 1440p is fine i,m not upgrade until the 980

  • Cooper McKay

    I have two 660 TI’s in SLI which is good for now, but I might be upgrading once Maxwell comes out.

  • Troy Smith

    when do the engineers at nvidia sleep or do they have a bed at the office, they seem to be pumping so many cards out its crazy the pace they are running at hope they don’t over extend and have nothing left to release for the rest of 2014

    • Haris Duratovic

      Well, Keplers predecessor, Maxwell is coming q1 of 2014. That’ll keep 2014 busy from the GTX 8xx – 9xx or 1xxx

  • maple

    been having sli Gtx 550ti’s, still works like a charm; but i better see what the benchmarks are before upgrading.

  • Yaz Akiera

    well i got 770 GTX, im running all games maxed out @ 2560 x 1440, whether nvidia released 790 or 800 series, ill grab another 770 GTX for SLI when prices drop and things should be fine for at least couple of years.

  • Edisson

    As much as I love Nvidia, I am waiting to see AMD’s new flagship 9970.

    • Marldor

      It may be good they just need to execute it well, and don’t do something stupid like they did with the fx 9590 and the 9370

      • Kramon

        what they need to do is make some. better software for those cards.. beacuse sincerly AMD soft. is shit.

        • Anonymous

          It’s not the drivers themselves, it’s the way in which you install them. The drivers are good (recent nvidia drivers actually fried some cards).

          AMD soft shit? (Don’t you mean drivers).

          Also you’re wrong.

          • Kramon

            no i am not owrong you know why there is no rendering engine on AMD GPU? Guess what. Blender dev team write the proper code and put it to AMD compiler and it crash. And after 1 year of working with AMD they finally manage to compile the build on the newest AMD card… so plisss amd software is shit.

            AMD liblary can’t be compare to the awesome CUDA liblary. That’s why all rendering engines Cycles Octane etc.. are just on CUDA (Nvidia).

            because amd software is to weak to acctualy handle such stuff

    • nashathedog

      I’ve chosen AMD over Nvidia in the past however I decided to go with a dual card set up recently and did a X-fire build, it was awful (please don’t say the new drivers fix it as they only fix some of the issues, If you want to run dx9 games or a multi-monitor set up it still doesn’t work properly). That means I’m having to go with Sli instead. If the 9970 is powerful enough I may switch back but I want more horsepower than a Titan so I think I’m gonna have to go for a 790 or a pair of 4gb 770′s which I’m currently settling on and building. Money’s part of my problem though, an x-fire set up does work out cheaper and I’ve been caught out because my current board does not support sli, So I’m stuck with a single 770 until I have enough for another motherboard and OS, And if I need to change all that I’m thinking I might as well go Haswell. Damn… PC gaming is bloody expensive if your not careful.

  • DongKyuLee

    Awesome! But my SLI GTX580 are doing super good with all games at the moment. I will probably upgrade in 2-3 years and by then I will probably get the best of the best out there to keep for long term before I upgrade again.

  • Mr. AMD

    8000 series has not come out and you are waiting for 9000?
    wait to see 8970 and 8990 it will kick ass!

    • Luke

      The HD8000s are already out, they’re just HD7000 OEM. The HD9000 are next.

  • Josh Peet

    Once I bought my 460 sli setup, I said to myself I wouldn’t upgrade till Maxwell. I figure buying a new graphics card every 4th gen is exceeding the life but I think i might wait for Volta since they might shrink the die and maKe use of stacked Dram. Volta might be the big game changer in gpu computing.

  • i wanna know it

    that’s awsome but if u already have gtx 780 then ur good no need to buy a new graphic card

  • i wanna know it

    i know it’s nothing to do here but i just want to know if my motherboard can have 16gb ram the name of the board is ga-880-usb3

    • Helpful Dude

      You can have 32GB (4×8 GB) 16GB ( 4x 4GB or two 8GB sticks) and basicaly you can have RAM as much as you want to, if it’s 32Gb or less

      • thx for help/ i wanna know it

        on any motherboard but can the motherboard i use handle 8gb ram and can u send a good site there i can order 2x8gb ram to gaming

        • David Padilla

          ADATA has ram kits ideal for you, Hit up Newegg if you’re in the US. I believe they don’t ship outside of US atm. or amazon.

  • John Lancaster

    The new titan will probably also have some faster clock speed, new tweaks here and there , and probably a slightly better cooling solution.

  • http://perksofastudent.blogspot.com/?m=0 Renz Carl Supnet

    Dear me,
    Please study well to make money after you graduate so that you could build a pc with the specs you want.

  • mindzr

    Here in Croatia GTX Titan is 2000$.

    • David Padilla

      That sucks bro. My local store sells it for $1,009.99./ dont really get the extra $10 but whatever.

  • Geralt Witcher

    So they blocked 20% of the cores in order to unblock it now. Maybe they should start selling the unblock code/bios/whatever to the current Titan owners. Just joking … not gonna happen.

  • kemle

    crap i just bought a gtx780…. I SHOULD’VE WAIIITED!!!… fck me and my graphics whore syndrome.

    • David Padilla

      lol I feel the same way built a pc bought 2x GTX660 ti to SLI, only for the GTX 760 to come out for less… and better performance. I would have save $30~ I bought two 760s instead.

  • Chuck Norris

    So basically this is a “fuck you” to people who already have titans… :P thanks a lot nvidia

    • Black

      You can thank JunkMD,as usual,for this. The Titan was as expensive as it was because they couldn’t compete. Nvidia’s just following the market. It’s about making money. No one cares about whiny bitches like you. lol

  • iNova

    Awesome probably going to get the 790 or Titan Ultra for my next build, my budget on that was originally $1600, but its time to raise the budget up $1000! XD.

  • luis velez

    I will stay whit my 2 GTX 780 not gona buy a new GPU

    • Pool Party Graves

      buy a third. your GPU is never enough

  • Mark Martellini

    Finaly some rumors of the GTX 790! Thanks Tech Of Tomorrow !!!

  • ricardogsxr

    they need to spend there time to make good stable drivers for gtx titan in sli first before bring a new type on the market because it suck hard now to have 2 titans in sli with no stable drivers

  • Gamehard

    I hope this card can play Minecraft. I would definitely pay an easy $2000 of my parents money to play Minecraft at 4K.

  • Angrypolska

    I’m going to pick up another GTX 780 for SLI probably early next year. Even at 1440p, this single card doesn’t even break a sweat.

    I figure SLI will last me until the Nvidia 900 series releases in 2-3 years.

  • eddie

    Any updates? I need this now!

  • hi

    It will properly cost 1500$ in denmark

  • Khariton Gorbunov

    #merrychristmas khyoman youtube, maybe a bit old article, but i stumbled over the vid on youtube, so I told it would be relevant to comment here!

  • Charles

    #merrychristmas It would be incredible (impossible) if it could be less than 400$ xD


    My GTX 690s awaits their replacement!