Microsoft Surface Pro: Is it a Rip-Off?

Updated: February 2, 2013

Microsoft has had more ups and downs than any rollercoaster I know of and it seems the ride is still going on as the company moves into the future. Everyone knows about the Windows OS and love or hate it the market share of PCs are running their software daily.  The new Surface Pro that is listed to come out next week also runs Windows software and their latest OS Windows 8, which features the ability for Touch-Screen as well as their Tiles interface. That on the most part is pretty good news as it shows technology in the portable world taken new paths and that always winds up as saving to the end user as many people compete for the same market.

Here though is where things might not be on the-oh so happy trail as the Microsoft Surface Pro that is coming out has a slight downhill factor to it and that is actual available storage. The 64GB version is slated to sell at a whopping $900.00, and in honesty I am laughing at this product even as I read my own article as it is way too expensive, but that is just one thing. You will find out that the 64GB version only has 23GB of available storage space, which is not anything in today’s download everything environment and even the 128GB version that is even more expensive has to use 45GB of its storage just for Windows.  The only savior to all this is the fact that with a USB 3.0 port you can attach any external device and have limitless storage. There is also a microSDXC card slot that allows up to 64GB of additional storage to the Pro.

Last years surface RT suffered this same dilemma and that hit them hard at the sales counter and with reviewers alike due to the drawbacks of such inadequate internal storage. This to me is the really dumbest thing that Microsoft could have done as they should have put more focus on the things that plagued the initial version and found ways to address them before releasing their next generation device.  Maybe if the Surface did not cost almost a grand spending more money on additional storage would not be such as slap in the wallet, but as is my money will not be spent on this product until it comes down in price and has ample storage that a true pioneer of portability should have. There is also a feature that comes free with the Surface Pro and that is SkyDrive that allows you a free 7GB of storage on their cloud, but that is barely 2 movies and just a joke in my opinion.  What do you think, is this device way overpriced and under your expectations for storage? Your comments are important and we value tour input.  Thanks for reading.

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