First Official AMD R9 290X Benchmarks Surface vs NVIDIA GTX 780

Updated: October 18, 2013

Although the official launch is still days away a few sites like I knew would have started revealing test scores of AMD’s all new R9 290X video card. Not every test it seems has been approved or condoned by AMD, but someone somewhere must have let out the stop gates as scores from at least 2 major games has surfaced showing how the card performs against a GTX 780, mind you this is not a Titan comparison, but a GTX 780.

NVIDIA just announced their own new GTX 780Ti in Canada earlier today and that might be why AMD is loosening up on NDA restraints and allowing some scores to be shown. AMD was very specific that the only numbers it’s approving come from BioShock Infinite and Tomb Raider. We’re only able to show you R9 290X compared to the GTX780, and only at 3840×2160, but Toms Hardware ran the tests in their lab and this is what they have come up with thus far.

If these benchmarks prove to be the real deal then we can see that so far the R9 290X beats the GTX780, but to me that is just really showing AMD with a pretty weak as they spread the rumor of the so called “Titan Killer” and its just beating a GTX780 by a small margin. This may not be a bad thing in the long haul though as AMD has ample time to speculate price points and if they can bring to the table a card that costs $599.99 then it will be a winner, if the card is priced at almost the exact price range some AMD fans will flock to it like moths to a flame, but for those highly anticipating something from AMD that shreds a Titan, I think they may be a bit disappointed. We will have our cards very soon and begin our own testing so until then thanks for reading Tech Of Tomorrow.  Lets see how you all feel in our mini poll below.

From what you have seen so far on the R9 290X what are your thoughts?

R9 290X Benchmarks
Thoughts on R9 290X After First Official Benchmarks?

Source: Tom’s Hardware 

  • Interrogator

    Just wait for GTX780Ti benchmarks…

    • ilyushin

      its not relevant, it will be like 300 ,more than the 290x

      • crazysymbols

        That’s 30 more than a titan.

    • Aequitas147

      And the price.

      • Interrogator

        meh, it’ll be probably same as the 290x just to compete

        • Yannick Letourneau

          if thea wont it the same price the GTX 780 will need to 650$

          • Bazba

            Yeah of course ! 10% better than the titan, 12Gb of GGDR5, NVIDIA (famous for low price) and still have the same price than AMD oponent
            It will be EASLY 1000$

  • Dehnolm

    Tom Raider? I’m glad you’re doing benchmarks on new indie games but I’ve never even heard of that one.

    • Elric Phares

      Its a special version for Toms Hardware, LOL

      • devilhunter

        how do you deal with retards ever day, I havent developed a techinique myself yet.

        • Jason Castleberry

          Read sarcasm much?

      • bf2skrilla

        That was actually pretty funny haha

  • UniversalModder


  • Jean Diniz de Oliveira

    The Titan killer, but the GTX 780 Ti is the R9 290X killer, I think it will be faster than the GTX 690.

    • calical26

      all it is now is who is the fastest in 4k thats why the gpu’s didnt change they will once they get it down amd still have the R9 210 what is a duel gpu

    • Yannick Letourneau

      The GTX 780 ti will nead to be lower coast to be a R9 290x kiler.

      • OneGun

        Maybe learn how to talk before you post!!

        • bruno M. O. Cardoso

          you dont know him, so dont judge him.

        • Yannick Letourneau

          maybe respect people who try to learn english

        • Eli Cabrera

          Respect people boy. Stop trolling.

        • Geo

          Its actually said like this, “Maybe you should learn how to speak English, before you post.” Troll Fail!

    • Ariel Rodriguez

      it beat the 780 not the titan…..

    • Fiberton

      I think you are going to be surprised.

    • Cameron Beech

      Except The 690 Is Dual GPU Not Single, So Doubt It… :/

    • Eddytion

      And will probably be 30% more expensive than 290x. If you’re willing to pay 30% more for 5% performance, go ahead, no one will stop you.

  • droidxd00d

    Depends on the price. If they keep this thing under 700$ or so I think they have a winner on their hands.

    • Alireza Sheikh Mohammadi

      Still I wanted to see more performance, maybe they will release new software update and it will have better performance.(just like the first day of GTX Titan VS GTX 690)

    • Samuel Crabb

      Well, based on performance and price to performance I think it will come in half way between the 780 and the titan.. I hope I’m wrong though and it pushes other 700 and 600 series cards down in price

  • salah

    im just curious to know who writes up these articles? seems like a 8 year old kid who is just learning how to write proper sentences

    • Fiberton

      Why even Troll on a tech site ?

      • Elric Phares

        Because he is a lost loser without a home and nothing better to do than try and insult others. I bet he is 8 years old coming off like a grammar Nazi when he starts his own sentences off wrong. He cannot spell or write, but thinks he qualifies as an expert when he qualifies for an idiot.

        • Fiberton

          Love your site :) I agree with you about the grammar nazi :)

          • Shawn Hoisington

            Lol, you HAD your chance for reconciliation.

        • Mason Tallis

          Elric, I get where you’re coming from, because people like him are asses, but I feel like the retaliation might look unprofessional to people who aren’t familiar with you. Everyone who knows you already understands that you’re awesome, but I think it may be beneficial to ignore the trolls. Just a suggestion. Keep up the quick updates, looking forward to the titan and OC comparisons with non-reference cards. Here’s to hoping that the titan killer doesn’t run at 90c.

          • Matthew Caudill

            I betcha the benjamin in my wallet he doesn’t care in the least bit… take him or leave it as it.. Nothing personal to you, but people are how they are; personally, I respect the fact that Elric is how he is.. Straight up.. Sorry, but that is the problem anymore.. to many “politically Correct-ness” going around.. Not enough Man Bone… Be who you are and hell with the rest. I am betting he’s not an ass in person.. But when it comes to people Trolling, and looking silly trying to pump a chest hair out by pointing out a mistake on a pro-site, well it’s just disgraceful, period. The thing is.. At the end of the day, He has the freedom to write/type nearly what he wants and how he wants… JUST the same as people have the right to NOT read this and move on~

    • Elric Phares

      A grammar NAZI who cannot spell or form his own sentences correctly.

      • Matthew Caudill

        Right on~ Who cares about a typo here or there… Big deal…At least he’s getting us some information faster than other people or sites!! You wanna bitch about grammar?? hmmph… Childish to call someone out like that… His/their site… if they wanna mis-spell every word, then own the site they post on…Till then, quite being a whiny bitch and read the facts, appreciate the hard work these guys put forth and be grateful, rather than a chair/couch “grammar nazi.”

        Good work Elric…Regardless of the haters… Thank goodness you don’t sweat the small stuff~ Keep at it and bring us more!! (the mis-spellings, meh, it’s just even more real when you see it that way…. Straight from the press, no proof-readin’ needing!)

    • Xillra fe

      Oh the irony in what you just said..

  • Melvin Tiwaken

    lol benchmarks. it’s on an AMD optimized games

    • Bartosz Romanowski

      yeah, run a Crysis 3 benchmark as well and show us the truth!

      • Sean Smith

        Uh, that is an AMD optimized game, too…..

        • Bartosz Romanowski

          Oops, I mean Crysis 2… Sorry!

          • EHPTango

            I think if my PC could blow Crysis 2 out of the water a R9 290x would break the game. I run a 7850.

          • crazysymbols

            How did I catch this comment just as you wrote it?

          • EHPTango

            Lmao no idea but good timing.

          • Lucasino8

            Dude R7770 here can run that game maxed out at 1080p.

          • Bartosz Romanowski

            1080p isn’t that high, what about 4k?

          • Lucasino8

            What about if you send me a 4K monitor I will try xD. Probably 5FPS or something.

          • suck dick fag

            you are a complete retard.

    • Eric Gothe

      Once again this lame excuse…

    • Cyriss

      Nvidia fanboy ^

      • Cribbs

        ^ doesn’t like logic.

        • Pimpmaster McGooby

          Both the games have been released for a long time, so Nvidia has definately optimized aswell.
          Just because it has “AMD gaming evolved” (or whatever it is) doesn’t necessarily mean that the game is better optimized for AMD cards, it usually just means that AMD has made a deal with the developers and gotten the optimization before Nvidia. Same goes with “Nvidia, The way it’s meant to be played” games.

          • Pontus Rybecker

            It doesnt matter how well nvidia optimize for these games because they are developed for amd’s architecture. They still have an advantage.

          • Standards

            But that’s just a lazy rationale. You’re trying to say “Yea, these games are optimized for X, but even though they’ve been optimized for Y, they’re still more optimized for X!”

            Well, guess what? That’s wrong, you numbskull. The games aren’t optimized for the AMD architecture. They’re just developed with AMD in mind to give a good performance boost on release before major driver releases. Major driver releases have flown by in the hordes, so AMD isn’t really ahead anymore. It’s fair game now. Pimpmaster is right.

          • Fiberton

            It is all interesting as I am thinking about getting the 290X when a dual fan one comes out. A 780Ti for 699? I will pass. A possible squirt of piss more possible speed than a 780 but less speed than a Titan ? Mantle will be AMDs optimization compared to Nvidia using Nvapi. Nvidia has been pushing Nvapi into games for a long time although it is nothing like Mantle. I wish Nvidia luck but if Mantle takes off and crushes them they are very screwed. Developers after that will think long and hard and more than likely flock to Mantle so hard space and time will curve. For me personally I have always loved Nvidia cards. I can go into my closet and pull out multiple 260 216s, 285s etc. More and more I lean towards AMD and away from Nvidia. Hell when I heard of AMD inside Xbox and Playstation It was amusing and one of the reasons I bought some of their shares. Eventually I will buy some Nvidia shares and some Intel shares but the tides are not focusing that way for me personally.

      • R2Strike

        is right , this games are optimized for AMD so no fair, but one thing is for right R9 290X is NO FUCKING TITAN KILLER !! no my friend , GTX TITAN is steel gold , the king of single GPU CARDS !! >:))) so funny … just joking.

        • Helpful Dude

          Actually GTX780 Lightening Edition is faster than a titan. I might be wrong but, that’s at least what i understand from now.,

          • Nathan White

            Roughly correct…kinda….780 *Lightning* edition is great for smaller monitors, 1920×1080. Where Titans shine is the larger monitors, 2560×1080. Obviously Titans would have a bit of an edge on higher resolution, but not close to as significant as the actual dimensions of the screen itself.

    • Joey Asagiri

      Also note that these benchmarks where made in the r9 290x’s Quiet Mode, AKA its not performing at normal speed, but rather at slower speed.

    • xzerqiin

      dude TR has Nvidia Physix in it.

    • melvin has downsyndrome

      you’re stupid as shit. It’s not like a programmer puts in a line of code that magically optimizes a game for a specific company. Grow up.

  • DurkaDerper

    I’ve seen some OC’ed comparisons (At what will be the stock clocks) and it BEAT the Titan which was also OC’ed

  • Dilip Bhaskar

    #givemethecard r9 290x is a killer

  • Keven Brochu

    I am really wondering why AMD only allows benchmarks of 2 games and at 3840×2160 only. I’m afraid it might not be that good in other configs :(

    • Ariel Rodriguez

      that’s why its always better to wait until after it’s released i never trust pre release scores

  • Fiberton

    That is on the low setting. :)( quiet mode ) The card has a switch on it…You could call it the Titan BAM switch. Just saying :) But you already knew that :P

  • Tövar Björn

    Still not fast as an OCed 780 Direct CU II

  • valkyrie743

    only saving grace for this card imo is if you are a hardcore battlefield player and want to use mantle when it comes out.

  • nokturrduk84

    First, both games are best optimized for AMD cards, so it’s little one sided benchmarks, second, R9 290x should be compared to Titan & not to GTX 780.

    • Fiberton

      That comes this coming week I am sure. Wonder what they will do when the 299X? or whatever it calls comes out ? Dual gpus as fast as nearly 2 Titans ?.. O lord..Game over ? HEH

    • Ryan Terribile

      Why? The R9 290X is closer in price to the GTX 780 than the Titan.

  • Mower

    Still 3GB vs 4GB in 4K res…I want to see more in 1080.

  • bruno M. O. Cardoso

    #GiveMeTheCard because africa needs a card

  • SimonB

    ok i havent heard anything about 780 ti and yes i dont think its legit since titan is basicly just a same 780 chery picked gpus with more memory i doubt they gona do 780 ti witch should be betther then titan it just so wrong and as for 290 beating 780 for 10-20% it definetly gona beat titan by atleast 1% and as long as they beat titan with 1% they already kills it not too mention 2/3 the price of titan it just bury it under ground so deep for gamers and no im not fan boy im price/performance ratio fan boy and it dont mater 660ti or 6950switched to 6970 as long as it cost lower while doing more ;) + just a gues but i really doubt that 2cores gpu from amd will be r9 210x =DD i gues its probably gona be 4870×7 story like and become 290×2 or something like 2x290x or something

    • Helpful Dude

      I didn’t get a shit. Lol

  • Spc Smith T

    Thanks for keeping me up to date Elric!

    • Elric Phares

      I try my man,,,appreciate the thanks though. Rock On!!!

  • Jasin Brody

    Hmm this is bad man i was gonna buy gtx 780 but they announced R9 290X and now GTX 780TI i am almost shuffked my builts for $600 to $2000 lol

  • asd

    AMD needs to get up to date with their drivers. With these benchmarks, the 290x wont look too promising for people looking for an alternative to NVIDIA. Furthermore, what about NVIDIA based games compared to a 780? This is a little disappointing considering it was run around as a “Titan Killer”. But that’s ok, because the name of the game is still price/performance. But if this is squeaking by the 780, and if AMD sticks true to its pricing model, it’s going to have to be 550-599. When the 780 TI drops, you can bet on a price drop on the 780 and the new 780TI taking the old 780′s price slot, or slightly higher.

  • Seventhghost

    Elric, you said the AMD videocard giveaway was ending next week. So what exactly did you mean by “next week” :D Btw, the best tech channel ever.Keep it up!

  • Cameron Beech

    You Recon AMD Will Now Release The R9 290x Ghz Edition ? :/ Seems Like A Big Possibility, Don’t You Think.

  • John Mellinger

    I don’t see what the big deal is… I mean the card from AMD is coming out 5 to 6 months after the 780… I mean it should be faster but at the same time the benchmarks need to be on not just AMD optimized games. I know this card will prolly out perform a stock 780 but I don’t see it out performing a MSI 780 lightning. But that’s the Nvidia fanboy in me talking. I will be fun to see how the 780ti stacks up next to the 290X. I just wonder more how Nvidia is going to counter mantle. And what plans Nvidia has for Valves Steam Os. Cause as a PC gamer Steam OS is the future.

    • Yaz Akiera

      dude, mantle is dead before it even started, DirectX and OpenGL will not support it and no developer will hold two code paths for each game. think about mantle as CUDA, how many games are developed on CUDA?! but at least Nvidia is still supporting it and pushing it as its great for video rendering.

      • John Mellinger

        well AMD is pretty much putting $ in Hand to EA/Dice to love it with BF4 and other games for PC. I just wonder how many other developers will go with it as well. I really wish MS would just do something about DX to make it more of a performance boost and not such a performance killer.

        • Yaz Akiera

          expect BF4 on Mantle to be a disaster because its the first game to support it and bugs will be pouring all over the place. still not sure how EA would keep supporting two code paths, its double effort and uncontrollable. only time would tell how things is gonna be.

          Regarding DirectX, performance is getting alot better since MS released DirectX 11 , and now with DirectX 11.2 things should get better, the only shitty thing is you have to get windows 8.1 for DirectX 11.2 and fuck MS for that.

          • John Mellinger

            yeah I agree with the having to get the new windows os. ugh but yeah we will all have to see how it goes.

      • Dzoniopusten

        …. ‘mantle is dead before it even started,DirectX and OpenGL will not support it’ Do you know how stupid you just sounded. It’s a low level api that is made specifically for coding ._. It’s like directx without all of the layers of bullshit microsoft made making it 10x easier to code for.

        • Yaz Akiera

          wow, before calling anyone stupid look at yourself and understand the meaning of what i said, if DirectX nor OpenGL would support it, then there is no unified codebase, hence to that, developers will make two code paths which means double effort/time/expenses and it will be a disaster to support both. no developer would do that.

          what a stupid asshole.

          • Eli Cabrera

            And you know this because you’re a game developer right? Hmmmm…..interesting…

          • Guest

            Mantle used by current gen consoles. This is how the xbox and ps3 have gotten away with lower spec hardware. FYI CUDA is used for CAD and Adobe Photoshop. Big market there. AMD has mantle. They just got the biggest market! Console gAming! The market is changing and game developers will not need directx to develope their games anymore. Do some research on it!

          • Ashton Harris

            Mantle is used in Battlefield 4. AMD controls the console market as well at the moment, don’t try and tell us that “mantle is dead before it started”, because obviously it is not. Developers are already switching to it, and hopefully NVIDIA starts using it for their cards, seeing as it’s open source.

          • Ryan Steckino

            Mantle is used by current gen consoles. This is how the Xbox and ps3 have gotten away with lower spec hardware. FYI CUDA is used for CAD and Adobe Photoshop. That is a big market share. AMD got the gaming console market… that’s a HUGE not only a market but an industry! The market is changing and game developers will not need direct x to develop their games anymore. Do some research on it!

          • Yaz Akiera

            NOPE, you are wrong, mantle is new and current gen consoles dont use it, Xbox 360 uses DirectX and PS3 using Sony’s own engine and APIs.

            CUDA is developed by Nvidia and can be used for everything and utilizes CUDA cores directly on Nvidia GPUs which gives you greater performance, its not only used in CAD and PS, you can use CUDA to create games, not any games, i’m talking about same games developed on DirectX and OpenGL.

            Do some research about it….

          • Ryan Steckino

            I know what the hell CUDA is and who made it. Stop trying to teach me on technology when I already work in the field. You don’t know everything… and obviously lack social skills to talk to people in a better manner.

            Fine… I stand corrected on Mantle NOT being in current generation cards. THAT by no means should anyone throw out Mantle because of being some fan boy. The industry is looking towards AMD. This means that AMD will be more optimized. I’m not saying this coming from a “fan boy” point of view. That is just the way things run. I have an i7-3770K w/ 16GB of 2133Mhz ram and 2x HD 6970′s. I love the Intel CPU I have!

            OpenCL can be used with anything… so what is your point about CUDA being used with everything? AMD now has three options… OpenCL, DirectX, and MANTLE. Did you know there is an OpenCL version of Photoshop coming out? That means AMD will run better with that version (no shit eh?). If you build ANY program around a certain architecture it will run more bias to that type of API.

            For MANTLE to bring low level API abilities for PC that opens up a wide door to be used. If it becomes widely accepted (which by your stand point says it wont be) it will allow game developers to build games faster that have better performance than ever before.

            Your statement about why would anyone want to build two different versions of a game for different API types? Well… its easy… multi-platforming. If it’s easier to build outside of DirectX coming from a budget stand point, would you not take the easier better performing route?

          • Yaz Akiera

            “top trying to teach me on technology when I already work in the field. ”

            Thats why you said mantle is used by current gen consoles!!!

            “obviously lack social skills to talk to people in a better manner.”

            read your comments first aka look at the mirror.

            finally, obviously you are CLEARLY an AMD fanboy , if you work in the field as you stated, then you would know Multi-platform wont come by creating different code paths and maintain them, it comes from one unified code which brings the most important point for every company EXPENSES. if you worked in management field then you would at least know that nothing from all of this shit is important as expenses and revenues, Mantle will simply increase expenses and support effort on every development company and in return will not increase revenues.

            OpenGL is multiplaform (which you entirely didnt mention it) , but as you can see, few games developed on OpenGL and most of them are developed on DirectX.

            However, i’m tired of this argument, ill see you one year from now when mantle is dead (maybe used in rendering and graphics softwares) because simply mantle is not the first and surely not the last -similar- API to die, only difference is AMD marketing and hype which made most people believe what they hear. so meanwhile keep believing and dreaming that it would become the future.

          • Ryan Steckino

            HAHAHAH! Okay buttercup. ;)

            Just because you’re blind to the CURRENT MARKET does not mean that I am an AMD fan boy. I moved away from AMD as a processor because their processors just plain suck. There latest GPU line up hasn’t given me anything great to look forwards to, I only have two HD 6970′s because of it being a great deal from my friend $200 dollars for two of them plus a ASrock Extreme3 Gen3 motherboard. Which is why when I choose to upgrade again I plan on going with two water cooled GTX780′s (Or the generation at the time GTX X80), but I guess that just means I am an AMD Fanboy huh? I go where the performance is at the given time (or if a great deal comes my way)… not by a single manufacturer. I use to be that way… but not anymore.

            I bet you’re a blast to hang out with huh? Nit picking everyone else’s conversations? Putting people down because you believe you’re so much better then everyone else? I bet you’re just the greatest man in the world, right next to the Del Saki guy huh?

            Go ahead… I wish to hear your rebuttal. :)

      • Антон Марков

        WoW, you not get any knowledge about Mantle. This is lower level command root than DirectX and all the other API’s

      • Ande Gallagher

        ps4 and xbox 1 will use mantle the amount of software they ship will make it relevant to pc users

  • Yaz Akiera

    This is a very big disappointment, all of this hype about 290x and in the end, it just beats 780 by few frames in selected games optimized for AMD. i wonder if this thing would even OC. although im an Nvidia fan, but i thought for once i might get back to AMD. but hey, looking at the bright sight of all of this shit, we “Customers” are winning as Nvidia and AMD are dropping the prices and bundling games with each purchase.

    • Ashton Harris

      Nvidia cards generally perform much better on Bioshock Infinite than AMD cards… Bioshock is not at all “optimized for AMD”.

    • Eddytion

      I just want you to know, that my 7950 w/boost demolishes GTX 660 Ti and 670 (now that they updated the drivers and the card runs more efficiently).
      When they first launched, I swear that GTX 660Ti was getting more fps, but now after some time, it’s like 3-5% slower than GTX 680. Now bitch please, wait for the drivers to get updated and the card to release properly. I bet this is gonna be the Titan Winner with a much lower pricetag.

      • Nathan White

        uhhh, i guess this wouldn’t be the time to mention that they’re developing the Titan Ultra with roughly 3.2k CUDA cores…at the same price as the current Titan…

        • Standards

          That would be amazing if CUDA actually meant anything.

          • Nathan White

            It has lots of meaning. You just don’t know it yet. CUDA stands for Compute Unified Device Architecture. It does the texture rendering, game physics calculations, and particle effects. I recommend you look things up before posting about them.

    • CommunistFiend

      Keep in mind that we still haven’t seen mantle in action.

  • Chuck Dorris

    #givemethecard I absolutely fell in love with AMD this year, Mantle API is the best reason for that!

  • WhiteSkyMage

    This is the reference card of GTX 780… I realize they are scared to show the GTX 780 Classified from EVGA vs R9 290X since then we will see our champion GTX 780 kicking AMD’s butt.

    • Keven Brochu

      It’s reference vs reference… Not only there will be non-reference 290x too, but also, non-reference cards don’t add that much performance, just a few FPS, so your point is moot.

  • PJ12

    GTX 780ti will replace current 780.

  • EvolvegamingPC

    Remember people, the benchmark will only be the reference model. Can’t wait to see what sapphire and the like will do with it :D

  • Andrejs Silvans

    It all depends on the price of the 290. If it will be priced cheaper than the 780 then it is already a titan killer. Even comparing the titan to the 780, 1-3% performance for about $200-250…

  • Daniel Brian Sanchez


  • Juan DM

    Though im quite happy it beats gtx780, AMD has been a dissapointment for quite a long time. I still consider myself an AMD fan, and i’m hoping to see the whole pc world to take a big turn with the new hsa technology to be released in APU’s and also GPU’s. But AMD needs to start taking things seriously with kaveri and radeon, performance wise speaking, which in the end, it’s what it’s all about (suposing they,re able to keep their good pricing, power consumption and so on).

  • smizzoker123

    who care i aint buyin either one of the overpriced cards!

    • Helpful Dude

      R9 290X isn’t overpriced dude.

      • crazysymbols


        • Helpful Dude

          Titan is like 250$ more. Of course it will beat this card.

          • crazysymbols

            $700 is overpriced for these cards. The titan was and is just more overpriced.

  • TheMetalSgt

    And then a game that supports Mantel comes out and there is no competition ;P

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/DarthRavan2012 Kevin Brennan

    While it is a let down by not being a Titan Killer in the end if it beats the GTX780 and is around 100$ Cheaper that itself is enough for a Win, though we still Need a Card from AMD that will end up being a Titan Killer maybe a R9-300X? #givemethecard

    • Kevin

      R9 299x

  • Ákos Kronauer

    #givemethecard I think r9 290x will be better than TITAN if AMD releases the Mantle API. And i’m still waiting for the full specs ’cause this card i guess will have a lot of potential for overclocking, and an overclocked 290x will definately Chuck Norris everything you throw at it.

  • K Hype

    Who would win if they did a benchmark of Metro Last Light

    • EHPTango

      Right now probably the GTX 780, MLL is a Nvidia optimized game.

  • calical26

    90% of games are going to be AMD optimized next gen aaa games

  • Geforce Gtx

    Cant wait for gtx 780 ti to come out.
    PRICE DROPS( Maybe) !!!!
    Then I can buy another gtx 780 and sli it :D,im having in mind to be the msi !!!

  • Jerald Ignacio T

    I don’t care if it is not a TITAN Killer, if it is priced $600 then it is a win. And also AMD said it will ridicule the titan with the use of Mantle.

  • Dice Hunter

    more interested in resolutions that people actually have, No normal
    person can afford a 4k monitor, Show us 1920×1080 or 2560×1600.

    • EHPTango

      How bout 5760×1080?

  • Adi

    You could at least show as the data of stuttering issues. High average FPS means squat if it’s plagued by stutters in the long run.

    • remon kewl

      Crossfire cards have stuttering issues.

  • John Mellinger

    What do people expect… It should beat the 780 since well I don’t know the 780 gtx stock card came out in May… Then again both games are AMD optimized games. And Nvidia fired back by showing off the 780ti. One thing I don’t understand is Why is the 280x not running games faster then the gtx 770? I want to see benchmarks from this website, new egg, or teksyndicate before I believe anything cause the whole 290x scooby doo mystery bs has been pretty annoying as of late.. As for people on the Mantle bandwagon well of course it will run better then a Nividia Card running a game under DX… I mean duh just like a Nvidia card would beat the crap out of a amd card if it was running a game under it’s own api like cuda… I just hope AMD api takes off a bit maybe it will wake up MS to get their act tougher for the pc gaming market again. Ether way Nvidia has to do something or they will get ate up by all the hype AMD is starting to generate.

  • david nestor

    r9290x #givemethecard

  • Ze Übermensch

    Wonder how it will perform on more games/synthetic benches. It’ll be outstanding value if it really is only $599 and comes with the gold tier never settle rewards.

  • 123


  • Ish Ahmed

    I see a lot of people have their hopes down, essentially because they like nVidia more. Can someone share with me why that is?

    I started pc building in the 4 quarter of 2012, and i decided to choose the 7950 over everything else. The card was easily better then the 660ti, and i am positive it can hold its ground against the gtx 670 quite comfortably. It may hold pretty well against a stock 680/7970. My point is, if this is the 7950, I assume the 270x, 280x, and 290x may perform much better then you expected.

  • ALaiham

    would like to test with Bf 4 plz

  • Bill Wilson

    I wanna see the GTX 790 supposed to be Dual GK110 GPU for $1000.

    • Dzoniopusten

      Considering that the titan is a single GK110 at 1000$ i highly doubt it.

  • Eliezer Benitez

    This is nice. I’m just a couple weeks into the whole PC realm, and the battle of the GPUs is enough excitement. At this rate, I’ll never decide on which card to buy myself. And it’s the last piece to complete my first build, lol.

  • Bazba

    “AMD optimized games bouhou” Sorry boys, when nvidia was busy stealing money from every nvidia customer, AMD was helping developpers, so as day of today, 70% of games are AMD optimized,the majority wins sorry
    “only 3-5 fps more than the 780 ? this is shit !” => 4k games ultra settings, on 1080p games with ultra settings it would be 10 fps, and pleaaase you are comparing 600$ card and a 500$ card, on performance with this card nvidia is supposed beating AMD if we read the price ! Sorry guys, i prefer performance/price rather than “”"”"”"”quality”"”"”"”"”
    And of course ! don’t forget than the 280x crossfire is 50% better than 780 for the same price :3
    AMD is still bullshit ? asuwhich noob

  • JJay

    Before people start spouting out: they’re amd optimized games… not really. Plenty of AMD sponsored games have their cards matched by the competition. in bioshock infinite the 680 is actually faster than the 7970. Who knows if any optimization has gone on tbh. Also, these are bloody BETA drivers. Titan has been out for 8 months and has had a LOT LONGER time to mature. The 7970 got around 25% performance increases from drivers, who knows what will happen to hawaii.

  • asskicker

    So many of you are ridickolous fanbois, grow up?

    Go out in real life and find yourselves a real hobby, take a break form the forum chatter every now and then, will boost your brain capacity so that you don´t stay stupid 24/7 worshiping companies on knees, roflol..

    Be HAPPY that there is competition so that you don´t have to pay insane amounts of money for overpriced hardware, “shut up and take my money”, so typical for worshiping on knees type people investing emotions into companies.

    Best possible scenario, let them compete and even throw sh!t at each other day in and day out but come on.., don´t invest personal emotions into bloody Nvidia or AMD! Would you still behave this ridiculously if Nvidia became Intel and could put any price tag on any piece of HW? Without competition we are doomed to pay insane amounts of money for high end HW but that´s not all, the technical evolution will slow down as well..

  • Mohamed Hameed

    Disappointed really …but for the price = its so good

  • Oscar

    Fml…i have a fx 4100 and a 550 ti GG

  • bf4

    where is the Nvidia 790 card ?

  • Jeffrey

    From what I gather from AMD, they hint that it will have Titan-like performance. Not “shred” it. And if it’s 40% cheaper, it’s a win. Thats the entire argument. Taking it to the nitty gritty details of performance is asinine and those details are lost in the real world. What isn’t lost is the price point.

  • Pontus Rybecker

    Let’s see some nvidia games please:P Not just amd optimezed games. Its pathetic that they have been calling this card the titan killer xD If it is anything i have learned in my life it is you get what you pay for.

  • exodus

    290x is a fucking joke so is sting ray or manta or ever fuck that shitty shit is … AMD is a joke and has been since 1999.. they fucked up ATI just as much… 780 kills it in every game but those two and no body gives a flying fuck about tomb raider or bioshock … both shitty games for shitties… lmao

  • How_delightful

    Does it do Stereoscopic 3D at full-speed (120Hz), full-definition (1080p), via the HDMI 2.0 output?
    Or not?
    At least the GTX 780 Ti was announced while I make my desicion.

  • Jereme Weatherbee

    The exact term AMD used was it would “Ridicule” Titan.

    @Melvin Tiwaken: Doesn’t Nvidia do the same thing?

    @ Elric I love Tech of tomorrow but this is borderline trolling,

  • Nathan White

    Here’s the thing, AMD is great for people who’s budget is a major factor (most people) Intel/Nvidia is great for people who are willing to pay much more per ‘point’ of performance increase they get. The R9s will do great as well as the Nvidia 780ti with the upcoming games no matter what they are optimized for. The reason why there is even an argument is that both sides are somewhat right.

  • R[A]T

    The thing is an oven, I’ll wait to see benchmarks after Gigabyte/Asus/MSI put their respective coolers on them.


    I just looked at comment section, God damn it, so many idiots, so i registered and putting this commen. Who cares even if someone built a GFX Card that can run ten 4k monitors with BF4 ultra settings and it’s gonna cost you Million bucks eh?. R290X is the goddamn winner, there is no card for that price that even can touch it. by the way, i own a nvidia card. Case closed.

    • Justin Shepherd

      Retarded comment of the century

  • Justin Shepherd

    Sold 780s for r9 for extra ram since high Rez