Thermaltake Cronos Gaming Headset Review

Updated: August 27, 2013

For many users the requirement of having to wear headphones is not an option, but a must due to their living situation, and in those circumstances a good pair of cans can go a long way.

If you are a gamer, especially one who plays online team based games that require communication, headphones that also have a microphone are very important.  In an effort to fill that niche market many companies have jumped on the “Gaming Headphone” market with a variety of choices to make your selection from.

Thermaltake made their name in the enclosure business, but in the last few years we have see the TT eSports name getting more and more of the companies attention as gaming keeps evolving.


Thermaltake has headphones that are dedicated to the gaming environment like the product we are looking at today as wee as others dedicated to listening to music. Gaming and music headphones may look the same on the outside, but the way they are designed is different. Gaming headphones are made for the sounds generated in the gaming environment and have been tuned to work well in that environment, but when it comes to music they leave a bit to be desired.


The TT esports CRONOS are the latest in gaming headwear from Thermaltake and they feature the “LYCRA” design that is intended to help users wear the phones for hours without fatigue to the head or neck. The CRONOS uses a 40mm driver and has very nice foam ear pads for sustained comfort and with the added padding on the top comfort is even better.


The microphone offers very good delivery of your voice and I did not find myself screaming to be heard, which is a major drawback to many so-called “Gaming Headphones” and with the same controls that operate your volume also can be used to mute the microphone if you so desire.


The controls are easy to use and offer the user no resistance or awkwardness when trying to use it while you are gaming. The mic is also very flexible and can be positioned closer or farther from your mouth as needed to capture your voice.


One thing that is also very nice is the flexibility of the headphones that can actually twist and bend quite a bit so they will be hard to break under any normal usage. If you jump out of a pane or moving vehicle I am not sure how they would do. I think I am going to go to the Thermaltake office collect Shannon Robb, put the headphones on his head and throw him from my truck at 70 MPH and see if they survive ☺ What? that’s not mean that real product testing folks.


The cable is well made and should not break unless used in some extreme circumstances and the 3.5mm connection can be used for both PC gaming and mobile gaming so if you want to use your PS Vita or Game Boy as well as your PC gaming rig you are in the CRONOS. The headphones were acoustically designed to reproduce the audio frequencies that are encountered while in thee “In Game” environment.


Another really cool aspect about these headphones is that they light up with all the TT eSports logo in bright vivid red that uses a USB connection to power them, but the USB does not need to be plugged in for the headphones to work as they are not USB headphones and use your systems sound solution to power the audio. I first stated off just listening to music on my system and was thinking to myself that the music was sounding a bitted canned so I just restarted my system in Windows and started playing Battlefield 3 online and spouting funny shit at the other players to test the mic and see if I could be heard and the results were positive that I was being a dick, LOL, but at least I knew they could hear me, sorry guys ☺. While in game the audio was excellent with gunfire and explosions being clear and precise and although they are not labeled as positional there were many cases where I felt I could hear things coming up behind and to the side of me.


I tried a variety of games and in all instances the CRONOS sound very solid across the board as a good product for what they are geared for. During the testing phase I also tried the Siberia product from SteelSeries and the CoolerMaster SONUZ and all of them sound very similar with not one really outshining the other as far as audio goes with the differences being the comfort of the headphones themselves after hours of wear. The CRONOS fell right into the middle of the Siberia and the SONUZ and for the price range and functionality of the CRONOS there is not much to be unhappy about. The headphones are made well and do not have a cheap plastic feel to them like some products we have seen and since the can be bent way out of shape and still not break is a good sign the physically they will last quite awhile. With really cool lighting effects, solid game sound reproduction and comfort that if not the best is at least very good and that is a fine place to fall into. Thanks for reading Tech Of Tomorrow my friendlies.

  • Aspret Asif

    which is better….cronos or craken pro??? also can you review the best $60-70 budget headset???

    • Nediljko Balić

      Steelseries Siberia v2

  • Brian Taheny

    Hmmm interesting might look into this.

  • Maniac

    for a budget headset these were really great especially when playing counter-strike. Be careful though, these headset were not meant for those who do not have the average size head or ears. It barely went over my head and the ear cuffs were way to small pushing against my ears making it sore. A great headset just wish it was bigger.